Caerleon Couture

Caerleon Couture

Designs influenced by our Caerleon line, Caerleon Couture is a non-interchangeable designer series from those who want a larger, more bold piece of fine jewelry. Each Caerleon Couture design will be produced in a limited number and then be discontinued. As a Couture owner, you will always have the opportunity to complete your jewelry suite as you desire, when you desire (ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings).

Caerleon Collection


Our patented, industry unique, fully interchangeable fine jewelry line with thousands of pieces of beautiful desiger jewelry and interchangeable bezels to choose from. Made from sterling silver, silver and gold,or all gold; with bezels from synthetic stones to beautiful natural stones to diamonds; the choices are virtually limitless.

Shift Collection


Using the patented technology from it's parent line Caerleon, Shift offers beauty, fashion, and versatility in a smaller youth styled line. With interchangeable rings and pendants, Shift is the perfect entry into the world of fine jewelry.

GK Coloures Collection

GK Coloures

Our new patent pending interchangeable mesh & cable bracelets and mesh necklace line with thousands of gemstone slides in Sterling, Sterling & 14K gold, or all 14K gold. For decades GK has been the standard in slide bracelets, and our updated line remains a statement in personal fashion and family heritage.

GK Classic Collection

GK Classic

Classically styled bridal and antique styled fine jewelry. Beautiful diamond jewelry spanning decades of design and celebrating the heritage of fine jewelry.

Eternity Links

Eternity Links

Our add-on diamond bracelet line which grows more beautiful with every additional diamond link added. Begin with a starter bracelet and build into a diamond bracelet to be cherished for generations to come.