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Goldman Kolber has been a fine jewelry leader in the design and manufacture of outstanding quality fine jewelry for three generations. After seven decades located in the heart of the Jewelry District of New York City, the company has resided in a suburb of Boston for the past thirty-one years with its offices and factory located in Norwood, Massachusetts. During one-hundred years of continuous ownership by the Goldman and Steinhauer families, a rich history and jewelry legacy has been built.

Today, we still proudly manufacture all of our jewelry in our own factory, blending old-world craftsmanship with modern efficiency and techniques, offering the most diverse and unique fine jewelry available anywhere.

From our roots in classically styled diamond jewelry, to the ground-breaking innovation of our patented flagship line of interchangeable jewelry, Caerleon; every piece is made with style, elegance, and a sense of purpose.

Following in the footsteps of past company presidents Joe Goldman and Herb Steinhauer, David Steinhauer has made jewelry design his life’s passion for over twenty-seven years and piloted the creation of GK Coloures, Eternity Links, Caerleon, Shift, and Caerleon Couture; expandable and versatile fine jewelry unlike any other. Each of these fine jewelry lines has received acclaim from leading fine jewelry retailers, and been proudly worn by women across America for generations.

From our families history, to becoming part of your families history, our pledge today is an extension of founder Joseph Goldman’s creed:

“Every piece of jewelry is a piece of art filled with passion and love, without which there can be no art.”

We hope we can become part of commemorating the most special moments of your life. Jewelry is the most personal gift we ever receive, whether from a loved one, or to ourselves. Nothing else can ever be a more unique personal expression, or a lasting treasure to future generations than a piece of beautiful jewelry.

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A small, family run jewelry manufacturer since being founded by Joseph Goldman in 1919; Goldman Kolber, Inc. has today become an industry leader by breaking new ground in the design and function of fine jewelry.

Started in a small factory in New Jersey, and then moved to midtown Manhattan in the early twenties, Joe Goldman specialized in manufacturing Antique Reproductions for many decades. Selling primarily to high-end jewelry chains and wholesalers until the sixties, Goldman Kolber has always been the name behind the scenes within its jewelry niche.

Transition to the second generation came in the sixties when Herb Steinhauer and his wife Louise (Herb being the nephew of and long-time salesperson for, Joe Goldman) took ownership of the company. The company continued its tradition of high quality manufacturing with its core products remaining the same, but distribution grew and shifted directly to the independently owned fine jewelry stores. During this time, Goldman Kolber solidified its position as the national market leader in diamond antique reproductions.

In 1986, Herb and Louise’s youngest son, David, moved the company out of New York City and began building a new factory in Norwood, Massachusetts. Joined by his soon-to-be wife Susan from the start, the two began the process of pointing the company to the future.

The first new product line introduced by the current ownership came in 1990, when Goldman Kolber joined the ranks of slide bracelet producers. Already known for antique styled jewelry, they brought a new blended look of old world styling with modern day elegance to the category of slide bracelets. Within a short time, the effort and dedication given to manufacturing became evident, and the industry widely acknowledged the company for producing the finest product of its kind in the country.

Being successful in the add-on world of bracelet slides, the company then showed its design ingenuity by creating a new line of add-a-sale diamond bracelets with fresh designs and the use of a method which departed from the industry norm for joining together links at the store level. By using gold screws instead of the previously used steel spring bars to join links, the links have less stress on their joints creating less long-term maintenance and more lasting beauty. Goldman Kolber Eternity Links™ are also considered one of the industry’s leading products of its type for quality and value.

At the beginning of 1999, Goldman Kolber introduced a completely new concept to the hundred-year-old category of slide bracelets, and forever changed the look and nature of the product with its Interchangeable Wires for the GK Coloures Collection. The use of twisted (or ‘cabled’) wire replaced old style chain bracelets, and the new designer clasp made obsolete all other types of clasp by allowing the wearer to interchange their own slides at their whim. Design, flexibility, and ease were now part of a product previously hampered by assembly limitations requiring skilled jewelers. A look that was considered too old fashioned by some women now had virtually no design limitations at all. The granting of a patent from the United States Patent Office has since rewarded the effectiveness of this new design. Thousands of bracelet owners have already switched their old bracelets or simply started with a new one.

In mid-2000, Goldman Kolber introduced the next generation of interchangeable jewelry with the Caerleon™ Collection. What started out as a series of beautiful designer rings, crafted in Sterling Silver with gold, all gold, or platinum; these patented rings offer the ultimate flexibility of instantly changing gemstone bezels to alter the color and even design of the ring. Since its inception, Caerleon has grown into a full fine jewelry line of bangle bracelets, link bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. In the fall of 2007, a limited design series based on the unique and brand recognized Caerleon design elements was created: the Caerleon Couture Collection. This collection will grow around jewelry collections that are signed and numbered with a maximum release of four hundred sets per design. 2009 marked the debut of Caerleon’s smaller junior product: Shift. This smaller platform offers the same interchangeability as Caerleon, in a reduced size and lower priced piece of fine jewelry tailored to a younger audience. Rings, pendants, and dozens of colored stone bezels make this the perfect gift for teens and young women. And in 2013, Caerleon Sterling Plus was introduced to offer the same great Caerleon fine jewelry flexibility in pieces made with less 14K gold and more Sterling, adding another layer of more affordable options to the Caerleon family of products. Still beautiful, still safe and reliable (Sterling Plus referring to 14K gold being used in mechanical internal parts to ensure strength and durability), Caerleon Sterling Plus is the perfect way to begin or expand you Caerleon collection.

Caerleon has grown into the most flexible, diverse fine jewelry line available anywhere. Several hundred unique pieces of jewelry are available in over ten-thousand different precious metal combinations. With the addition of our designer bezel collections: The Accent Collections, and our newest Halo Bezel Collections, Caerleon now offers over six-hundred active unique bezels for the jewelry collector to choose from.

With the addition of our Caerleon Accent Bangles and Caerleon Flexible Mesh Collections, the options are almost limitless.

As 2022 begins, the World of Goldman Kolber continues to expand and evolve.  We have now created the GK Milanese Mesh Collection featuring our exclusive 4mm Sterling Silver Mesh with Bangle and Cuff style bracelets.

Always on the frontier of Fine Jewelry design and function, we are constantly striving to serve and care for the American consumer. We are also celebrating our thirty-forth year at our current location in Norwood, Massachusetts, and our 103rd as a family owned domestic designer and manufacturer. We still proudly offer jewelry made exclusively here in the U.S.A.

The strength of Goldman Kolber today can be traced to its family’s long tradition of excellence serving the Fine Jewelry Industry, and in the passion for creating a company of unequaled achievements. Love and devotion to a craft are all too often used clichés in today’s transient world. Passion, love and devotion are, however, at the heart of the effort put forth by all of the staff at Goldman Kolber, creating the jewelry we create every day.

Jewelry is more than just something we wear; it is something we pass down for generations to come. Our goal is make the Goldman Kolber name and family of products part of your family’s life-long traditions.

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