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Caerleon -- our patented, industry unique, fully interchangeable fine jewelry line with thousands of pieces of beautiful desiger jewelry and interchangeable bezels to choose from. Made from sterling silver, silver and gold,or all gold; with bezels from synthetic stones to beautiful natural stones to diamonds; the choices are virtually limitless. Click here for the story behind the name.

For 95 years, Goldman Kolber has been designing and manufacturing all of our fine jewelry lines. We have a great deal to show you!

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A note from GK's president:

Our mission at GK is two-fold: to design, create, and manufacture the most versatile and innovative Fine Jewelry available anywhere & to stay committed to the majestic ancestry of making precious jewelry that is beautiful forever, and ready to wear everyday, anytime.

I am not content simply redesigning jewelry. I want to redefine all jewelry, creating a combination of beauty, value and utility never seen before.

Our jewelry offers multiple uses of precious metal and gemstone components that can be added to, interchanged, dressed up, dressed down, or just dressed to kill. Our patented, innovative design technologies are functional and secure, while being elegantly disguised in beautifully designed fine jewelry. All of this has been accomplished in jewelry that is affordable and of outstanding value. We proudly offer products that are truly the evolution of fine jewelry. We proudly offer products that are made exclusively in the USA.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to celebrating life's most celebrated moments with you.

David Steinhauer